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Full Member Reimbursements

This form is intended for 2024 Full Members of Norton House Country Club to request their reimbursement. Full Members for the year 2024 are those who paid an £80 fee per person upon renewing their membership early in the year.

Full Members for 2024 are entitled to a reimbursement of £16.67 each. This reimbursement is due to the transition to a single annual membership fee of £50, effective from April to March.

The reimbursement amount of £16.67 is derived from subtracting the new £50 membership fee from the £80 paid, and then deducting the equivalent of two months' membership for February and March 2024 (2 x £80/12).

Below, you will be presented with options to:

- Donate to the club
- Credit your member's swipe card for use at the bar
- Receive a Bank Transfer

PLEASE NOTE: If requesting a bank transfer, please send the following bank details to

  • Your Name

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Sort Code

  • Account Number

  • Account Holder Name

Request Reimbursement

Please complete one per member.

Select an option

Thanks for submitting!

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