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Enhancing Membership Plans

Dear Members and Patrons

We are pleased to present this consultation document that focuses on the membership plans at Norton House Country Club. As a well establish club known for its rich heritage, and thriving community, we believe that it is of utmost importance to make sure our membership plans offer value.


The Executive Committee has received valuable feedback regarding the disparity in price and perceived benefits between Full Membership and Chantrey Membership. We acknowledge that this issue needs to be addressed. Additionally, the club is facing challenges in filling key roles on the committee, and it is crucial to ensure that we have a broad skillset to operate as an effective committee.

Therefore, the primary objectives of any enhancements to membership plans must be:

1.    Ensure that our membership plans are fair, offer compelling value for money, and attract and retain a vibrant and dynamic membership base. 

2.    Allow us to broaden the pool of eligible members to ensure we have a strong and effective executive committee, thereby safeguarding the club's prosperous future.

Your valuable insights, feedback, and suggestions will play a pivotal role in shaping the club's membership plans.


The Executive Committee are considering the following options:

Option A: Keep Current Membership Plans

Only a few members have commented on the difference and approximately the same number upgrade and downgrade each year. However, the current situation provides a limited pool of members who are interested in serving on the Executive Committee. 

Option B: Provide additional benefits for Full Members

We considered a broad range of additional benefits for Full Members but most would incur extra cost to the club or would be difficult to administer.

Option C: Reduce the price difference

The Chantrey Membership fee has been remained at £35 since it was first introduced so will likely need to increase to around £45 to help cover extra costs of running the club. This increase, together with a decrease in Full Membership to around £65, may incentivise more upgrades to Full Membership.

Option D: Single Plan -  Abolish Chantrey membership and reduce the price of Full Membership  

A single plan will make administration simpler, eliminate any perceived differences in value and provide all members with eligibility to serve on the Executive Committee (subject to other club rules and conditions). Full Members will benefit from a price drop to around £50 per year and “shares” will continue to only count when a full year, as a Full Member, has elapsed.

Next Steps

The consultation is now closed. The committee will use the feedback to put forward a proposal. If the proposal requires a change of rules, the proposal will be put to a vote by Full Members only at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

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