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2024 Sports Day

What a splendid day we had on the 22nd of June at the Norton House Country Club Family Sports Day! It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and a bit of friendly competition.

The day kicked off with our tireless organising team setting up from 9am. They worked diligently to ensure everything was perfect for the main event which started at 1pm. From setting up the games to arranging the food stalls, their dedication was truly commendable.

We were incredibly fortunate with the weather—it was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, just perfect for outdoor activities. The ice cream van was a massive hit, with a queue forming almost immediately. There’s nothing quite like a cool treat on a hot day!

The Ladies Section outdid themselves with a fantastic cakes stall, offering a delightful array of goodies. Every bite was a testament to their baking prowess. Simons’ Fantastic BBQ was a roaring success as well, with all the delicious offerings selling out in record time. The aroma of grilled delights wafting through the air was simply irresistible.

The family games brought out the competitive spirit in everyone. The tension was palpable as participants competed in boules, cornhole, the sack race, the egg and spoon race, and the ever-popular water balloon throwing. The laughter and cheers echoed across the club as young and old alike gave their best in each event.

The final event of the day was the highly anticipated tug of war. The excitement reached its peak as the Red team pulled their way to a triumphant victory! It was a hard-fought battle, and their win was well-deserved.

A massive thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the day. Your enthusiasm and participation made the event truly special. Whether you were competing, cheering, or simply enjoying the festivities, you contributed to the fantastic atmosphere.

We look forward to many more days like this, filled with fun, community spirit, and a touch of healthy competition.



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